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FAI World Air Games Dubai Organisers visit the FAI Head Office

The FAI Executive Board and the organisers of the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015, including Event Director H.E. Youssif Al Hammadi, held a joint meeting on Saturday at the FAI Head Quarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, following the success of the Federation’s flagship event in December. It was the opportunity for the attendees to share their experience and to examine the results of the event, as well as to look at ways of making the future editions of the Games even better. „It was a great pleasure and honour for us to welcome the host of the Games at the FAI Head Quarters. We are grateful for all the efforts made by our friends from Dubai to ensure the successful unfolding of the event,” FAI President Dr. John Grubbström said. „Our common passion for air sports definitely helped deliver a high quality competition.”